Yeah, I’m That Guy

iChat via Virgin America the obligatory in-flight video chat

I’m flying Virgin America from BOS to SFO, and apparently all their planes on that route offer in-flight internet via Gogo. $12.95 buys 3Mbps down and 300Kbps up (at least early on when nobody else seemed to be using it). I can get my iPhone online for only 8 bucks, but as far as I can tell, I’d have to buy two plans if I wanted to use both on this flight.

I resisted the urge to try video chat, but I’m glad Adam didn’t. The novelty was apparently enough to bring most of the team into his office to see. The results are above. Adam says my video stream was better than it appears above for most of the conversation. Still, my efforts at pointing the camera out the window were mostly futile.

Aside from the turbulence, it’s been mostly like a day in the office. I read email, I do a little bit of coding…. I somehow don’t think I’ll bother with this on the way back (though I will appreciate the power outlets that let me charge my computer while listening to the larger music collection).