World’s Largest Canned Food Structure

Some records in the Guinness Book reflect outstanding accomplishments in hotly contested fields. Others reflect the imagination it now takes to create a new class of records. Food Industry Thailand‘s 150,000 food cans fall into the second category.

Don’t get me wrong, though, I’m not suggesting anybody’s imagining new fields, just that they’re imagining themselves pursuing crazy records. Examples of things I think we should have records for, but I’m too lazy to look up:

  • World’s largest sugar cube replica of the Arc de Triomphe
  • World’s largest collection of mismatched socks
  • Soda can pull tab chain mail dress with world’s longest train
  • World’s biggest marching band wearing pink uniforms
  • World’s largest macaroni art representation of truck stop scenes
  • World’s longest parade of Shriners dudes on scooters
  • World’s largest replica of Vegas made from 16oz PBR cans
  • World’s largest balaclava
  • World’s largest human-carrying boat made out of Legos blocks
  • World’s largest collected volume of belly button lint
  • World’s oldest preserved, full cuspidor
  • World’s smallest playable ukelele (accompanied, one must suspect, by the ukeleleist with the smallest hands)
  • World’s largest display of jello juggling
  • World’s largest collection of cherubs in a double wide trailer
  • World’s largest collection of souvenir spoons
  • World’s most intricate comb over
  • World’s largest number of TV channels with nothing to watch