What Do You Call A Group Of Ninjas?

From AskMeFi: “You know, like gaggle of geese, murder of crows, school of fish, all that. Does a group of ninjas have some sort of descriptor? We’re talking many people in halloween costumes, how to address them together. The { blank }.”

Aside from the inevitable brush to Ask a Ninja, answers included:

  • sir, sir, sir, and sir
  • one ninja, many ninjim. And the collective is a flipout of ninjim
  • a hedge of ninjas. “We are a hedge. Please move along”
  • a stealth of ninja
  • a cloudshadow of ninja
  • a wraith of ninjas
  • a hood of ninjas
  • a murder of ninjas
  • a diminishing effectuality1 of ninjas
  • a silence of ninjas
  • an inevitability of ninjas
  • a doom of ninjas
  • a black of ninjas
  • a balaclava of ninjas
  • a probability of ninjas
  • a whisper of ninja
  • a lurk of ninja
  • you don’t call them anything, because you don’t even know they’re there

  1. What do you call a group of ninjas? | Ask MetaFilter [return]