Video Bulb and Zakka Shop NYC

The Video Bulb is a “lipstick-sized tube” that plugs in to your TV’s RCA jack and plays Bitman videos.

GadgetMadness explains what Bitman is:

Bitman is the creation of Japanese Art Performer “Meiwa Denki” and was an 8-bit electronic stick figure who would dance, pose, etc.

The VideoBulb sounds interesting enough, but I think I could get into the reseller as much as the GadgetMadness writer did:

I went to Zakka Shop & Space the last time I was in NYC, and literally wanted everything in the store. Once you step inside it feels like you have traveled through a dimension warp into a store that might exist in the anime Appleseed or Lain…they even have Japanese vending machines! If you are in NYC it is definitely worth stopping by.

Back to the Bitman Video Bulb, the author imagines the following:

“Hello, Best Buy?”


“There is a dancing person on my TV. The sound is normal, but no matter what channel I put it on I see a dancing guy.”

“Um, what? Is this a joke?”

“No, I’m serious!”