Walking Desk

The MaisonBisson Walking Desk.

I used to have a stand-up desk at work. Then that got replaced by a pair of standup workstations above a more normal desk. Then I moved offices and switched roles from sysadmin to programmer and got the most normal desk ever.

Then, in January 2005, I heard an NPR story about Dr. Jim Levine’s study that put a high value on constant movement throughout the day, and I got concerned about sitting for so long. Levine was so taken by the results that he assembled a walking desk (my term) using a treadmill and hospital tray (the kind that slides over a hospital bed).

Now, almost a year later, I’ve got my own.

Joe Stirt of BookOfJoe got excited about Levine’s treadmill desk and eventually built his own. Mine was especially easy to setup because the arms are perfectly level and large enough to hold that big cherry board I use for the desk surface.