Snakes On A Plane

It was only after I’d taken my seat and David Weinberger began his ROFLcon keynote that I realized there was a box of t-shirts at the side of the room with a sign over them that said something along the lines of “FREE: t-shirts from worn out memes.” Thinking that the internet might be old enough now that the old memes might be resurrected in some ironic way, I almost jumped over Jessamyn to rifle through the box and claim a prize. What stopped me was the realization that with about 500 people in the room, anything left in the box must be really, really past its expiration date.

By the time I did get to look in the box, all I found were snakes on a plane t-shirts. And then all my anticipation disappeared with a sigh as I realized snakes on a plane really wasn’t worth resuscitating.

That was before I had a few drinks, remembered I had this old video, and decided to give it a go anyway.