Seven Person Bicycle: The Conference Bike

seven person bike

I saw this bike here, here, and here on Flickr, but nobody said what it was or where I could learn more. Some googling revealed it was Eric Staller’s ConferenceBike, first sold by Hemmacher Schlemmer. One person steers while all seven riders peddle, and it looks like a lot of fun if you’ve got a spare $13,000.

The eight foot long bike is six feet wide and weighs about 400 pounds. President Jimmy Carter seems to enjoy it, reseller WorkCycles pictures it with some ridiculously happy riders, and rental operator Paul Selke of Cycle Seven says it will germinate the rebirth of American downtowns. From the 1950s themed video you’d think it’s how June and Ward Cleaver met.

For those just looking for weird or different bicycles, take a look at the sideways bike, WorkCycles (common in Europe, not America), this page of specialty bikes, and this feature on moving about on one, two, or three wheels.