Radical, Militant Librarian

the ALA's Radical, Militant Librarian button. Librarian Avenger's version of the Radical, Militant Librarian button.

The ALA’s Intellectual Freedom folks came up with this Radical, Militant Librarian button (which I found in Library Mistress’ photostream):

In recognition of the efforts of librarians to help raise awareness of the overreaching aspects of the USA PATRIOT Act, the American Library Association (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) is offering librarians an opportunity to proudly proclaim their “radical” and “militant” support for intellectual freedom, privacy, and civil liberties.

Interesting, meaningful, but badly designed.

That’s why we should thank Erica, the Librarian Avenger, for coming up with a much better design, putting it on buttons and mugs and shirts (and more), and making it easier to get.

Kara says this design looks a bit like communist propaganda (in a good way), but imagine it in brass, wouldn’t it make quite a badge?