Product managers, project managers, delivery managers, and engineering managers, according to Quora

I’m trying to write some job descriptions, so of course I found myself in Quora.

What is the difference between program manager and delivery manager?

As delivery manager, we ensure the projects are delivered on time and on budget. We are a slightly higher level work that project managers in the sense that we try not to escalate issues as much as resolving them and letting upper management know of relevant issues. We analyze and refine project management methodologies, team structures, personal capabilities to ensure each successful delivery is improved upon from the previous.

In short, program managers maximize customer value within boundaries of the company vision and strategy. Delivery managers maximize efficiency of the given tasks with the available resources, over time.

Which skills make the difference between a good delivery manager and an AWESOME delivery manager?

A good delivery manager delivers the correct scope, on time, on budget and with quality. An AWESOME delivery manager does all that and make sure that least damage in terms of motivation and morale is done to the key people - who more often than not are the ones that need to be “burnt” to deliver on time, budget, quality and cost.

Suggests product managers are strategic and project managers are tactical.

What’s the difference between a Project Manager and a Product Manager?

A product person defines the “what” that will move the financial or user needle. The engineering person defines the “how” and delivers against it. Keep the line solid and you’ll be fine.

Should a product manager be involved in project management and delivery management?

any product manager worth their salt imho never falls too far away from the realities of the day