Photo hipster: playing with 110 cameras

After playing with Fuji Instax and Polaroid (with The Impossible Project film) cameras, I realized I had to do something with Kodak. My grandfather worked for Kodak for years, and I have many memories of the stories he shared of that work. He retired in the late 70s, just as the final seeds of Kodak’s coming downfall were being sown, but well before anybody could see them for what they were.

The most emblematic Kodak camera and film I could think of was the 110 cartridge film type, and that’s what I used to captured this picture of Cliff Pearson and Millicent Prancypants.

Cliff, with Millie

I bought two cameras and a small bundle of film from various eBay sellers. They look small in the following photo, but they’re significantly larger and less pocketable than even my iPhone 6 plus.

Pocket Instamatic 60 110 film camera, with film

Developing is $4 per cartridge at Adolph Gasser’s, but they can’t print or scan the film there, so that had me looking for other solutions. I couldn’t find a transparency scanner that had film holders for 110 film. That isn’t surprising, but it did leave me wondering and hesitant long enough to look for other ways to capture this film. For these shots I re-photographed them with my EOS M:

<img src=“farm8-staticflickr-com-16177642458_88bdb511f9.jpg” alt=“film “scanning”” width=“500” height=“280” />