Peeking into other people’s photo rigs


This all started because I went looking for a way to remote trigger a Panasonic Lumix LX 3. The internet is pretty certain that the only way to do it is mount a servo to mechanically press the shutter button. Sad.

But that led me into Cris Benton‘s world of photography from poles. Yes, he mounts his camera at the end of a carp fishing pole (a noun so unknown to me I almost put it in quotes) to loft it up to 30′ in the air. His pole rig seems very well thought out. As for carp poles, they’re easy to find in the UK, but Amazon’s US store knows nothing of it and I can’t find any US distributors.

Still, my searching did lead me to Pierre Lesage, who’s also done his share of both KAP and PAP (behind that scene). His KAP rig has me realizing how many things I’ve been doing wrong. Simple additions to my kit would include decent gloves for easier handling of the line and a harness+carabiner to hold the kite and give my hands a break.


More significant additions to my kit might include a proper camera mount (I hang my Go Pro like a pendulum now). KAPshop is a nicely organized UK distributor for all things KAP, BAP, and PAP, but many of their products come from Brooxes, which sells kits in $US with domestic shipping. Their SERVO-BEAK appears to be exactly what I need:


Extra: discussion of infrared photography with an LX3.