“Peanutty” ≠ Peanut Butter

Treehugger pointed out these P.B. Slices as an example of excessive packaging. What they didn’t mention was the ingredients or processing used to make a non-sticky, peanut flavored “food product.”

a picture of these questionable P.B. Slices.

Peanutty, but not quite peanut butter

It’s worth mentioning here that I have a rule about things I find in the supermarket: if it says “food” on the label, you probably shouldn’t eat it. Think about it, start first with the cat food, dog food, and fish food, then take a look at the pasteurized processed cheese food product and some of the goodies in the canned meats aisle.

Anyway, I haven’t tried these, but I’m a little concerned about a product that suggests “peanut butter” but apparently isn’t allowed to label itself as peanut butter. The website lists nutrition facts, but not the ingredients. Hmmmm… “peanutty slices” indeed.

Of course I want to try some; probably just once, though.