OLA Superconference Presentation: Scriblio

OLA Superconference Presentation on Scriblio

I’m honored to be invited to the Ontario Library Association Superconference to present my work on Scriblio today (session #1329). A PDF of my slides is online.

Scriblio has had about a year of use in production at each of three sites, and the lessons suggest that Web 2.0 technologies really do work for libraries. And the best news: we can do it without breaking the budget: I’ll be demonstrating how to install Scriblio and reinvent a library in about ten minutes.

Why the slide above? Web 2.0 applications work best when they have a good logo. That’s Scriblio‘s.

Update: I’ve posted the screencast I used to demo the Scriblio install and configuration process. It really needs the narration I did during the presentation and I’m planning on doing a new screencast soon, but I think this may offer some value to someone.