Macs vs. PCs

Vista delayed

The delay is the latest problem for the software giant’s flagship operating system. Microsoft had originally slated the software for release in late 2005, but pushed back its target date to summer 2006 and dropped several planned features to try to guarantee delivery.

The company attributed the delay to the extra time needed to insure quality and fix remaining security issues.

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IT service calls to the high school tripled from the year before. The IT office had to hire another full time tech and contract with an outside consultant to keep up with tech calls. After factoring in the cost of software to prevent virus, malware, and adware infection as well security software to prevent students from messing with the systems the Dell computers cost US$19 apiece less than the Macs the school system would have bought. That, of course, doesn’t count the extra personnel.

The money spent to “de-virus” the computers was taken from the software budget so the school system had no software[…]

IT Architect:

With the growing emergence of open source and the Mac as a desktop alternative, IT would be well advised to weigh other choices as it considers Vista. If Vista is in your future, make sure your mantra is “test, test, test” before making any commitments to the company’s new infrastructure. One never knows what might lurk between a fast food bun when the ingredients aren’t posted.