Looking For The Energy Drink TV Ad?

Screenshot from a K-Fee TV ad.Based on the search terms people come to this site with, I know that there’s a bunch of folks looking for the “energy drink ad,” or “K-fee TV commercial,” or “scary German,” or some such. Most people end up finding my story about Zygo energy vodka, and completely miss my story about the (deceptively titled) serene, calming video where I first linked the energy drink TV.

Let me eliminate the confusion now. The K-fee energy drink TV commercial is here (or there, or there).

[update:] There’s another K-Fee ad in a similar style.

[update:] this entry was moved from Jan 4 because some search engines haven’t found the right link to it yet.

[update:] The link is dead and another of the links above now redirects to a forum that has a link to the file. Find it there, or follow this direct link{#435&sid=e37b2306afc06cd928b1ddb49c9789a2}.

[update:] I think all the above links are dead, though these links appear to be working now: scary car commercial and scary yoga video. Look for more links in the comments below.