Let The Silence Roar

Okay, before anybody inquires if I’ve gone into boat sales or brings up the BisonBoom story again, I need to ask for your understanding. It’s not that I’ve been spending my days trying to pick out just the right shade of red for my new Corvette (really I’m not, it’s the Lotus I like), or that I’ve been moving to sunny California to take up my new job at Google (a year ago I would have been twitching with excitement, now I’m more likely to agree with this). No, my relative quiet can be partly attributed to the fact that the award has made WPopac a part of my day job, but in saying that I don’t want to suggest that I previously spent my daytime hours surfing the web and blogging =-).

Amidst the silence a few things have been happening, and I’ll soon be better able to talk about them. In the meantime, there are some clues out there, but what do they lead to?

For now I’m headed to Seattle for Midwinter. It’s a bit of a birthday for WPopac, as I introduced it in a presentation there last year. I especially like conferences for their role in spreading ideas like wind distributes pollen, which is my way of saying don’t hesitate to say hi or invite me to a drink if you spot me (I’ll be easier to spot now, I’m the one next to Lichen)