Knockbox = WiFi + Real Estate Info

In another sign of the arrival of the stupendous, i.e. that the internet is changing our world, Engadget some time ago reported on the SellSmart Knockbox real estate selling dohicky.

What is a KNOCKBOX?

A KNOCKBOX is a sleek, self-contained appliance that is placed unobtrusively inside your home for sale. It contains a photographic tour, custom buyer presentation, and other important details about your home, which potential buyers can access without ever having to enter your home.

The KNOCKBOX, however, does not provide direct access to the Internet; the only information they can browse is the information about your home.


Anyone with WiFi capability will be able to obtain a tour on demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Potential buyers are provided additional information about the property, along with agent contact information that they need to go to the next step and become a serious buyer. A potential buyer simply connects to the KNOCKBOX wirelessly and opens their web browser. This all occurs, without interfering with your busy schedule.

In short, the guy sitting in his car across the street with his laptop in hand could either be horking free wifi from you or your neighbors, or he could be quietly clicking through the virtual tour of that house for sale.