Karen Kills in Karts

Karen shows off her high-score.

Karen has the smart-sexy-funny thing going on, but that doesn’t stop her from eating donut after donut or beating Will and me in every white-knuckled kart race we ran last weekend.

Drivers sit only an inch or two off the ground in karts that are said to go 40 miles an hour. Eight minute races may seem short, but at between 20 and 30 seconds per lap (my best time was 23-some-odd seconds, Karen’s was at least a second faster), you’ll get plenty of chances to skid out at every turn. We each bought two races for $18/each (with $2 coupon), which turned out to be all we needed.

The race track is Maine Indoor Karting in Scarborough Maine. More information and video at

At least they don’t wrap it in management BS like the guy at F1 Boston:

RJ has always believed that racing is a microcosm of successful business management. “To succeed in both racing and business,” says RJ, “requires strong leadership, teamwork, attention to detail, a competitive spirit and a focus on performance.”

I have more than a few problems taking pleasure in the racing, but at least I don’t need the pretense.