It’s A Piece Of Cake To Bake A Pretty Cake

Don’t hate me for this, it was MattyB who showed it to me and then setup the domain The clip comes from LazyTown (IMDB), which airs in the US on Nick Jr.

An excerpt of the lyrics:

I’ts a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake

if the way is ha-zy

you gotta do the cooking by the book

you know you can’t be la-zy

never use a messy recipe

the cake would end up cra-zy

if you do the cooking by the book

then you’ll have a cake

we gotta have it made

you know that I love cake

finally it’s time to make a cake

Matt’s disclaimer notes:

This is by far the most effective form of office/LAN party/teamspeak/ventrilo torture known to man. Use at your own own risk and as directed by doctor.