Is The API Public? is throwing a bone to WordPress users with their new AnswerLinks plugin written by Alex King.

But wait, there’s an API? A few pokes at the Google machine reveal nothing relevant, and’s site is mum too. Taking apart the code, I get the following (modded enough to make it run-able if you drop it in the base of your WordPress install):

``` require_once('wp-config.php'); require_once(ABSPATH.WPINC.'/class-snoopy.php'); $snoop = new Snoopy; $snoop->read_timeout = 5; $snoop->submit( '' , array( 'text' => “Put a long-ish string of meaningful text here, then look for interesting stuff in the print_r'd output.” ) ); print_r($snoop->results); ```

If the input string isn’t sufficiently long, the output will be empty (eliminating one of my potential uses for it), but it’s interesting to twiddle.