International Pillow Fight Day

pillow fight pano 1

World Pillow Fight Day in Boston last Saturday was not only a lot of spring fever fun, it also resulted in a marriage proposal. Banditos Misteriosos estimates there were over 1,100 pillow fighters, apparently making it one of the largest fights that day. View the above panorama large to see the crowd.

Detroit police shut down the fight there, confiscating pillows and demanding permits, though the Calgary fight went without incident, despite concerns about permits.

At the end of it all, Will wondered aloud about the fate of so many pillow feathers and the pain of those less fortunate than us:

Flickr Video

Though that didn’t mean he didn’t have plenty of fight left in him:

Flickr Video

Music for the above is Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip.

More of my photos and video are on Flickr; there’s more from the group in the Banditos Misteriosos group.