Incoming Support Request

You haven’t fixed the BING search page on Cafe World. It comes up when I click on an oven, when I click on a mission and then everything is ruined.


I haven’t been able to play Fronterville for FOUR days. I can send gifts, but don’t know if anyone receives them but they must because I get gifts.

But I have a spouse and it is stuck. It won’t custom or random or play or anything and it freezes the whole page so I can’t do a thing and there is a white avatar that says spouse? I am sick and tired of trying to clear land and lo and behold a bear appears or a fox or a snake immediately. That is disgusting. I had FIVE bears in 30 minutes.

I even had BING search page when I clicked on Farmville and it is all white and nothing and I have to reload and it takes time.

Thank you, [name removed]