In Car iPod

Without wanting to get into the rest of the story, I’m now trying to figure out how to plug an iPod into a Scion xB. The xB comes with a stereo by Pioneer, but I haven’t been able to get details about what inputs it supports. and Logjam both offer connection kits that appear to give me RCA aux inputs to the radio head unit, but Pioneer offers a simple IP Bus adapter that might also do the trick. The question is: does the Scion radio by Pioneer have IP Bus support?

I’d RTFM, but I can’t get specifics about what model Pioneer is in the xB, and Scion doesn’t have any manuals that I can find online.

Pioneer is using the xB as a demo car. In this context, their story about it reveals that the xB has a full double-DIN radio bay, and that they successfully installed both an AVIC-80DVD navigation system and AVH-P7500DVD head unit in place of the standard stereo.

Though nice enough, the sales guys knew nothing, of course. I’m hoping to get more details about it when the radio actually gets installed. Maybe the service guys will actually let me see the back of the radio before it goes in, or maybe they’ve actually got docs they can share with me. Maybe.

[update]: More info, details, and solutions in In Car iPod, Take 2.

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