“I Wanted a Tatra, So I Got A Tatra”

Czech Bro, Big Truck Y'All.Engadget picked up on the story about the Tatra with a Mac in it. I couldn’t help checking for changes since I first saw the story. There’s a new version of DashMac, the control software, and it seems he can now control his car via SMS messages, but most things seem in-line with where he was going.

The thing is, I can’t help but get interested in the car itself. I sort of went gaga for Tatras after seeing the original story and doing some research. And now I discovered Tatra Trucks.

With respect to the recent announcement of the International CXT, I went looking for a Tatra T813 for sale. Yup, it’s big, and TanksForSale has lots of other behemoth vehicles to chose from.