“I Hate DRM” And Other Projects To Preserve The Digital Artistic Commons

CRFTP's music propaganda for the people.

People hate DRM. It prevents law abiding folks from enjoying the music and movies they’ve purchased, and it does little to prevent crackers from making illegal copies.

In response, somebody’s created I Hate DRM, “a site dedicated to reclaiming consumer digital rights.”

I created this site because, as a consumer, I am fed up. I feel like all of the entertainment that I love is slowly being eroded away by overly greedy companies. This website is meant to be a platform to capture how DRM is changing the way paying customers are receiving content. I want to hear your complaints, your horror stories, your whatever…even your good stories if you have one.

And on the content creator’s side: Creative Remixes For The People.

CRFTP is dedicated to helping foster a community of people interested in musical collaboration in the open source tradition. We bring together Mash-up artists, progressive labels, and musicians to create an environment where creative potential is not limited by copyright control.