Heat: Dell Server Thermal Load (BTU/hour)

It’s a shame that Dell doesn’t list the thermal loads of their products in the datasheets at the online store. It’s a shame that it took several Google searches to get close to a link with the info, then mine the Google cache of a Dell support forum and find/follow a chain of links before I could get that detail.

As it turns out, there’s some Dell and the Environment page where they list all their products and their environmental properties/certifications/regulatory compliance. When you do find it, you’ll discover that a Dell PowerEdge 2650 is listed with a minimum heat dissipation of 878 BTU/hour, but no maximum. The datasheet for the similar Dell PowerEdge 1850 server claims 854.69 to 1,387.73 BTU/hour.

It would of course, be better if Dell offered a link like how hot does my server get? or something else like that. Let’s hope Google indexes this.