Claim: Beverage Choice = Politics

I’ve been a little slow to blog these things lately, but this comes from BeverageWorld magazine. They published the results of a poll connects beverage choices to political affiliation. They break the politics down into six choices: Democrat, Republican, independent, independent liberal, independent conservative, and none of these, then they compared booze and soda-pop choices for each.

Of booze, Democrats and “none of these” drink the least. The three varieties of independents seem to drink the most. Conservative independents are 42% more likely than the national average to tipple some variety of whisky, while liberal independents are 47% more likely to drink imported beer. Overall, the liberals are more likely to drink than the conservatives, but Republicans are more likely to drink than Democrats.

The implication, of course, is that candidates can woo swing drinkers by offering the right drink to the right person. Which, as my wife would say, is just good manners.

Chart: Alcohol Preference By Political Affinity

Index refers to how more or less likely than the national average (100) consumers of a political persuasion are to drink certain beverages.

A                      B     C     D     E     F     G

Any beer                   92   100   113   120   114    94
Domestic regular beer      93    93   121   124   120    94
Domestic light beer        86   109   117   101   111    95
Imported beer              94    90   103   147   117   101
Any spirit                 98   100   108   119   114    87
Whiskey                    88   116   109   110   142    67
Any white spirit           96    99   109   123   116    88
Wine                       97   106   107   128   116    74

Legend for Chart:

A – Beverage type

B – Democrat

C – Republican

D – Independent

E – Independent, but feel closer to Democrat

F – Independent, but feel closer to Republican

G – None of these