Books I Now Want To Read…

Technology And Global History Since 1900 Surveys, Citizens, And The Making Of A Mass Public Constructing The Damaged Body From Willa Cather To Truman Capote

Visions Of The Press In Britain, 1850-1950 A Revolution In The Graphic Arts, 1920 To 1950 Mr. Lincoln's T-mails : The Untold Story Of How Abraham Lincoln Used The Telegraph To Win The Civil War

The problem with working on Scriblio is that I end up running into so many interesting looking books. Just this morning I discovered a number of recent acquisitions in the 19th Century and 20th Century subject feeds in my development instance (also available via RSS).

All of this is under active development, so those links may or may not work, and the site is definitely changing URLs soon. Still, I had to bookmark these books somehow so I could come back to them.