And Then The Feds Blocked Me

Via a friend who coordinated a program I presented at not long ago I received this message about difficulty accessing my blog post with notes from the presentation:

Do you have the notes electronically that you could send? Believe it or not our federal government internet filter is blocking access to the blog site below…..big brother is truly at work these days…..

Jessamyn has been dealing with this for a while now, but this is the first I’d learned that I’d been blocked.

It’s good to know that my site has joined the ranks of those like Jessamyn’s and MySpace and probably thousands (millions?) of others that are blocked but shouldn’t be. Thinking of that, I wanted to find a list of those websites, but Google came up short. Any suggestions?

What I did find, however, amused me: How can I connect to MySpace at school?, What are YOU looking at?, and Elementary Student Threatened With Psychiatric Evaluation After Visiting 911 Websites.