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Karen Greenwood Henke

Way too many people are processing grant applications on paper. They spend a lot of time moving paper around and they don’t know much about who’s applying until after the deadline. That’s why we built Nimble Net.

Karen Greenwood Henke’s been working the world of grants and grantwriting for years. Her site, and the new Grant Wrangler Blog represent her efforts to connect grantors with grantees, but Nimble Net delivers the tools necessary to manage the process from announcement to award, and all the application and review processes in between.

There are lots of groups with little or no experience in managing grants, but they may want to give to schools. A contest giving away a bunch of $500 to a teacher for school supplies goes a long way in their community. We help them do that.

Grantors create a list of questions and requirements for applicants, and once an application is submitted, the reviewers have what they need to evaluate it and eventually award the grant.

We’ve already figured out what the process is so you can focus on what you want to give and who you want to give it to.