Flight, Hotel, Spa

“Take a deep breath.” I did, and with it Lisa Souza, my massage practitioner at San Francisco's <a href="">International Orange</a>, pressed into a knot just below my shoulder blade, deep in the <em>latissimus dorsi</em>. She worked along the length of it, not as a baker kneads bread, but rather as person wringing water from a damp cloth. Each press was deliberate, powerful. I'd asked for the deep tissue treatment. Eight hours in planes from Boston (six hours to LGB, almost another two to SFO) had taken their toll, and this, I hoped, might spell relief. » about 300 words


As noted here, I’m going to WordCamp in SFO in early August.

Matt describes it as a BarCamp-style event (where “’BarCamp-style’ is a code phrase for ‘last minute’”) with “a full day of both user and developer discussion.” I’m just going for the free t-shirt, of course, but I can imagine a number of folks will get a good value out of the sessions and discussions that will likely run, especially all the developer stuff.

Also, if you’ve got some suggestions about what else I should be doing in San Fran, leave a comment or contact me with any suggestions.

Sweet Portland

| I have to thank <a href="">Caleb</a> and <a href="">Caroline</a> for showing around town, and offer my apologies to <a href="">Heidi</a> and Alice, who had offered me tips and suggestions that I (again) didn't have time to follow up on. Someday I'll enjoy a <a href="">Stanich burger</a>; someday I'll find <a href="">Rimsky-Korsakoffee</a>; heck, someday I'll even get to <a href="">Powells</a>. » about 200 words

Oregon City Municipal Elevator

Oregon City apparently boasts one of only four municipal elevators worldwide. One hundred thirty feet tall, with an observation deck at the top, it seemed to be worth stopping for. Jason wrote in to Roadside America explaining: It began as a water-powered elevator in 1915, but was upgraded to an electric-powered elevator in 1954. It […] » about 200 words

Barstow California

What didn’t work out because of our problems with the hotel was our drive to Barstow to see Sandee’s friend Joanne.

I don’t know much about the town, but Wikipedia told me to look out for the original Del Taco, Rainbow Basin Natural Area (site not loading now, try this instead), Calico Ghost Town, and the old Solar One solar energy generating experiment. Along the road, however, is the the World’s Tallest Thermometer, in Baker, California.

Karen Kills in Karts

Karen has the smart-sexy-funny thing going on, but that doesn’t stop her from eating donut after donut or beating Will and me in every white-knuckled kart race we ran last weekend. Drivers sit only an inch or two off the ground in karts that are said to go 40 miles an hour. Eight minute races […] » about 200 words

Thermometer Museum

Dick Porter, of Onset MA, has been building his collection of over 5000 thermometers since the mid-80s, though the collection has nearly doubled since 1998 when it was just over 3000. He calls it the world’s largest and only thermometer museum. He’s certainly passionate about them, and he’s been an invited speaker at more than […] » about 300 words