wpSMS enables the sending of SMS messages as easily as sending email (more easily, perhaps). An implementation of it can be seen at my University’s library, where they’ve used both Scriblio and wpSMS to allow visitors to text information about a book to their cellies.


Simply download the plugin, place the entire folder in your WordPress /plugins/ folder, and activate.


It currently uses Clickatell‘s gateway services, though more could be supported in the future. Once you get login credentials to Clickatell’s http gateway you can start sending messages easily.

Simply instantiate the class with your credentials:

$mysms = new wpSMS( $API_ID, $USERNAME, $PASSWORD );

Then send your message:

$mysms->send( $YOUR_MESSAGE, $TO_PHONE_NUMBER );

How you create the message or get the destination phone number is up to you.


  • You’ve found an interesting book in our library, but who wants to write down the location and call number when you can text it to yourself?
    Text this book's location to your cell phone
  • Clicking the “text this to me” link takes you to a screen where you preview the message and enter your mobile number.
    Text this book's location to your cell phone
  • The received message includes all the details you need to find the book on the shelf.
    an SMS message from the catalog

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