More Complaining and Whining

Red Cross Logo.The lousy Red Cross can’t get its act together well enough to schedule blood drives in Plymouth (where I work each day) well enough so regular donors can go to all of them. The Red Cross knows that something like 85% of their blood comes from regular donors who make it a point to donate at every opportunity (and how many of us can there be in Plymouth?). Yet, they schedule a blood drive today, fewer than 56 days since their last blood drive.

Navely, I showed up ready to give blood, filled out all the paperwork, and was then told to go away. You see, you can only give a pint of blood once every 56 days. So, I’d qualify to give blood next week, but there won’t be another blood drive in Plymouth until next semester. Why?

One thought on “More Complaining and Whining

  1. Look friend… I don’t know what you’re going on about. That other 15% of blood has to come from somewhere, and with yo out of the way, it just made more room for them.

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