Yahoo! Pen twirling!

Pen twirling takes great skill that can be achieved only by hard practice and determination. Though promoted by stars as famous as miss Iyo Matsumoto, it can be difficult to find pen twirling masters capable of teaching the sport. Hideaki Kondoh, who’s interest in pen twirling was sparked by a TV appearance by Iyo Matsumoto, struggled to learn: “I couldn’t help admiring her excellent performance, but I didn’t think I would try to spin a pen myself. There were no people who spun a pen in Bisai City…”

Hideaki’s hopes of pen twirling sprung up again after a chance meeting with a pen twirler who shared some lessons. After years of practice and pursuit, Hideaki has posted a web page to introduce the sport to new generations. There you will find short video clips demonstrating some of the many moves such as the normal, harmonic, and twisted sonic.

[UPDATE]: Look here for followup on this story.

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  1. I don’t really care much about pen twirling, but I read part of the worst freakin’ book in the world, and I want to let everyone know how much it sucked! The book was called “In the hands of Dante” by Nick Touches.

    Try as I might, there was simply no getting through this horrid book! Encouraged by a promising description, I bought it in an airport, thinking it would be a good way to pass the time in my travels. I can understand instances where profanity and utter nastiness can have literary merit, though in this work they were simply egregious. It was almost as though Touches was simply trying to be profane for sheer shock value. After suffering through a number of chapters, I left my new $26 hardback on the airplane for the next poor soul who happened upon it. I would not recommend it to anyone.

  2. yeah ive had the same happen to me, saw a great lookin book at an airport book store and it ended up sucking

  3. does anyone know of any books or anything purchasable (if that’s even a word) that has anything to do with pen twirling/spinning? please let me know


  4. Cliffy was it? tell me how your comment helped me in any way connect to pen twirling? put your comment on a fucking book site, keep it off this one

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