Raspberry Jelly

How could they make a product like this?I usually try to keep this blog above trivial things like this, but not today. I enjoy penut butter and jelly sandwiches, but usually with raspberry preserves — the stuff with fruit chunks a seeds in it. So I was rather surprised when I found I’d accidentally bought Hannaford brand Red Raspberry Jelly. It mostly tastes like raspberry, but it’s been pureed smooth like Jello. I tried it, the product doesn’t spread well and the texture is all wrong. It doesn’t make a good sandwich, and it’s no good on toast. I can only imagine the product was meant for people who cut the crust of their sandwich bread.

2 thoughts on “Raspberry Jelly

  1. Now thats entirely untrue
    Raspberry Jelly is the most delicious food (with the exception of red plum jelly) and i eat it for lunch and dinner and sometimes in between

    have fun with your lame preserves

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