MC Hawking Drops Some Science You

Busta Hawking, himself!The opening to this site announces “Yo! This site is your ultimate resource for information about Stephen Hawking the gangsta rapper.” And if that isn’t enough to make you go look there right now, then I suppose you feel bad for the poor guy and don’t like jerks who wish to make fun of him.


Just now he’s got a link up that points out one more sport I’ve never heard of or imagined: cup stacking.

Oh, and by way of pointing out the six degrees thing as it applies to the web, here’s how I found it:

1: I found a note about the [url=/blog/?p=60_0_1_0]RC5 64bit[/url] thing and went to Google to find the original source.

2: Google found the right site as the top hit, but listed another website in second place.

3: This other website, [url=][/url] (“hedonic engineering at its finest”) did indeed also quote the information I was looking for, but also had a link to old [url=]Hawking[/url].

Yes, I did all that just to include the link to the (ostensibly) tech related website with ‘erection’ in its name.