Dreams. What Do They Mean?

Years ago, I used to wake up with a start. I’d be trying to sit up with my hands outstretched in front of me. I’d wake up thinking I’d been falling.

Now. I find that I wake up thinking I’d stubbed my toe or hit my head.

Somewhat unrelated: I’ve gotten no end of laughs and amusement from Dion Mcgregor Dreams Again, a collection of sleep talking from Dion Mcgregor, an apparently famous “somniloquist.”

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  1. I saw dream of a baby girl delivery. & i also saw my hair turned white from the front of my head what does it indicates plz guide me.

    I will be thankful & will be waitng if you could reply on my mentioned e-mail


  2. I keep dreaming about my baby mother night after night, now we’ve been sepertated for about 2 years now and we barely talk, but every night I dream were bak 2gether and things are goood, y do I keep dreaming of her when I dnt even think of her in the day?

  3. what does it mean when you have a dream after your fiance passes away all of a sudden and your dream is that he wants nothing to do with you (after 13 years) and i feel that he is mad at me for something

  4. i would like to know what it means when you dream about your exboyfriend. ive been in a relationship for 4yrs now and just a couple weeks ago ive been having very strange dreams and feelings about my ex it scares me becausei havent talked to him in yrs and these dreams im havin are comprimising my feelings for my boyfriend now please help

  5. what does it mean to dream about one of your teeth falling out, iwake up after i pull it out myself and theres no pain just come right out theres blood but no pain please tell me why?

    • dreams about losing teeth are common and suggest the dreamer feels powerless or out of control in a real life situation

  6. what does it mean if it feels like i feel from the sky or a high place in my dream and then i woke up out of breath.

  7. What does it mean when i have a dream about my ex boyfriend but in the dream me and him had a baby 2gether?

  8. wot does it mean when u dream ur teeth are falling out? iv had this dream 4 or 5 times in the past 3 months

  9. am 16 weeks pregant and dreamed of giving birth to little spiders what does this mean.

  10. My dream took place at Central Elmentry playground area (A school i went to in Elementry school, and now nothing more then a few miles from my house. Where i was being tied up seperatly (My hands and Feet) By some kind of material similar to the ones used to make orange bags (red). The boys who were doing this then grabbed a side of me each (Hands and Feet) and started to swing me back and forth! (I knew the boys from my old school) While throwing the oranges at me! It was SUPER painful. My sister showed up (Kathleen) And didnt know what was going on! She then said she was going to call the cops so the boys left. I tried to call the cops with a cell, but i couldnt reach them! D: So i ran, and ran (Just leaving Kathleen, who then appeared at the house where i was) And started to disappear in the distance. I then saw my house, told my mom what happened and she … See Moredidnt believe me. So i went to my room, and posted on facebook what happened…kinda like now….Only it was a dream, not real life. Could you please HELP me and tell me what it means?

  11. My name is Nea and I am 14 years old Im having weird dreams that arnt making sence, weirder than what a normal teenager would get. And I know from a feeling I get a gut feeling that there is some meaning behind it! I’ve been through so much in my life its not normal its crazy!! Does anyone have any suggestions? Please I need as much help that I can get! Any ideas of whats going on?

  12. What does it mean when my number one enemy killed me and made sure my lover and my ex got the video of my death ?

  13. I’m trying for a baby with my boyfriend of 1year and I have dreams of being pregnant and having a scan and seeing my unborn child, I’m really happy in my dreams and I wake up sometimes and it feels so real! When my two sisters and my brothers girlfriend fell pregnant near unuff the same time and before my mother dreamed them all fallin pregnant one after another its so weird! Could this be a sign that I’m dreaming something that’s going to happen?

  14. What does it mean if you dream that your ex boyfriend is pregnant? (p.s he is 14 years old}.

  15. what does it mean when i am on the pill and i have a dream that i am pregnant and i meet someone i havent seen for years at the hospital?

  16. What dose it mean when you have reaccuring dreams about your ex who also happens to be the father of your 7 month old i have this dream every day just about me and him are not together in real life but in the dreams we are a couple n he helps with the baby and everything like life should be but it keeps comin to me in my dreams dose this mean we should be together? In the dreams we are always kissing n he is holdin the baby and we look like a loving family. I evan had one that i was pregnant again bye him and we were so excited he wouldnt let me do anything without him around.
    In real life we still keep in touch but we are not a couple or together in any way plz help me figure out this dream thnxz.
    Concerned Ccraya,

  17. i dreamed that all my teeth fell off then when i woke up i looked in the mirro i knew it was just a dreamed but it feel so real.

  18. I keep having various dreams and my ex-wife and girlfriend. what does that mean and what is the dream s says about me?

  19. I had a dream that my girlfriend was foreign and i made love to her even though i could’nt understand her …what does this dream mean?

  20. last night, i was talking to a friend about how there might be a possibilty i could be pregnant, and i dreamt i gave birth to a spider, and i didn’t want it, but i dealt with it, it was just never in my life. what does this mean?

  21. Hi my name is Ever and I am 14 years old and my boifriend has been having these horrid nightmares of me. I am curious of what his dreams mean about me…. He dreamt that he was in a white room, and was slowly raising a gun to his head but then I appear out of nowhere and stop him. Then the lights black out and he hears a gunshot. Then the lights come back on and I am lying in a pool of my own blood. I had saved him but he had failed to save me…. When he told me that I was scared.

  22. I had a dream about being pregnant, in my dream I kept telling my boyfriend that I had to get an abortion before my mom had found out. I’m completely against abortions, & wouldn’t even think about having one under any circumstance. Considering that, this dream made me very shocked & I would love an explaination about it.

  23. What does it mean when you dream you marryed your boyfriends ex-wife? That means me being a woman I married another women. In the dream we were not lebsians as in one part after our wedding we said to each other “lets just kiss and get it out of the way since we have never kissed another girl before”

  24. I have been dreaming for a year and a half about my interests and fasinacions (Crap spelling) that somehow fuse together to make a paralel universe.

    I dream that I’m a girl in the future in like a reincarnation, and that I work as a Policewoman in the city of a location that I know in my dreams from the back of my hand… BUT NEVER actually been there in the real life!

    I dream that in short, that I go to places and meet people that I know in my dream and places like schools to pick up my friends kids, and see crime scenes, and places of interest.

    Its incredibly hard to put in context, but its easier if I see and speak to someone.

    I believe in reincarnations, would like to be a policeman, want to come back from the dead as another human, interested in the future, gadgets, and other things.

    Why would I dream up a place based upon my interests being fused together as I sleep, yet its hard to put into context?

  25. Hi, im Sarah, and me and my boyfriend broke up bout 6 months ago, im still like madly in love with him, he’s amazing guy and would never hurt a fly he has a new girlfriend, but things are not really working out for them and they are soon to split, but last night i had a dream, that i saw him kissing my like best friend, who is not his girlfriend, then the dream just went blurry what does this dream mean, is he cheating or something? please help me.

  26. what does it mean when my two sisters and brother have a child i see one of my sisters before the birth and after and my brothers child just appears and then me and a friend not my girlfriend are together looking after one of them for unknown reasons. In real life my friend and i have been spending a lot of time together because both of are partners are in a different country at present. Also i see people visiting to see one of the babies, two in particular that would not be close enough to my family in real life. Its freaking my out because i have heard before that a birth is a death and im getting a bit worried, please could anybody tell me what it means?

  27. i was thinking about my ex boyfriend before i go to sleep.but then, when i do, instead of dreaming about him/us, i was dreaming about me and his bestfriend together. how come is that? isnt it that you will dream of the last person you think of? so weird. why am i dreaming of his bestrfiend instead of him. i encountered it 3 time already. help, it freaks me out. what does it mean?

  28. My boyfriend had a dream that we were in the science room together and we did “it” and then this lady came in a we got busted but we snook out.

  29. my name is hannah and i’m 12 years old i have had 3 dreams where i am in the bathroom but here’s the catch in every one of them there are boys. if someone knows what this means please help me.

  30. What does it mean when you slip into death and come back feeling the cold and emptiness of the other side and you slipping away from your body then being pulled back but … different. i wake up in the morning with my skin pale as a ghost but when i get moving or a shower my skin color comes back or when you are able to see in the dark and your eye color changes from brown to black or brown to a faded crimson? Or you don’t feel tired at all during the night? I have had these issues since i about lost my entire head but coming back i had changed – completely.

  31. Hi I had a dream last night that i was with my ex boyfriend and we pulled into a parking lot in his car. We got out of the car and I was holding him and when I pulled out of his embrace my hands were dragging down his arm and big mushroom like formations were coming off his arm. I really wanted to wash my hands so I left to the grocery store to use the bathroom and their was a big show being put on and I watched this cool performance and couldn’t get to the washroom. then when I could finally get out I couldn’t find my boyfriend’s car in the parking lot.

  32. I dream of chasing a baby girl as she crawls through my grandmothers houseI have dreampt of this same baby many times.what does this mean?

  33. Yesterday I was at my cousins house baby siting and it was during the kids nap when I laid down and felt asif I was half a wake and I kept hearing noises and so I covered my face and the lights began to flicker but I think I was dreaming it was so hard for me to wake up.

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