The cameras I’ve enjoyed

Olympus Stylus Verve

Years in use: 2005-2007

Photo © DPreview, see their full review

Photo © DPreview, see their full review

I bought the Verve in 2005 at the same time I bought the C-7000. Ostensibly it was a gift for Sandee, but really it was meant to be a replacement for the Clié: a camera small enough to go everywhere, but better.

And everywhere it went. To see Avenue Q in Las Vegas, They Might Be Giants in a casino lounge show, to new year’s eve parties, to the Seattle Public Library,  at the Internet Archive, and many points in between. Eventually, however, the camera started to feel disposable and it went on a kayaking trip:

Jon of the mist

And yet the camera still works. The batteries don’t last long, and everybody’s smartphone now has a much better camera, but this one still works.

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