The cameras I’ve enjoyed

Olympus Stylus Epic

Years in use: 1998-2002

I purchased this compact point and shoot for Sandee as a wedding present. In retrospect I can see how badly I failed at the gift, but it’s a simple, beautiful camera (the Wikipedia article is almost glowing with praise). It was sleekly sculpted, champagne color, and the clamshell slide opened silky smooth with a gratifying a click at the end. The American version had less labeling on the case than the one pictured above.

This is the camera we settled down with. It went to family events and on a few vacations. The pictures it took were excellent by Lomographic standards, and if digital cameras had never come to pass, I’d probably still be using this now. As it is, I have no idea where it was lost to.

I’ve only posted a few photos from this camera to Flickr, though I did dig a few up recently. Here are two of my favorites:

vacuums sales-service

The Old Scooter