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Canon EOS M

Years in use: 2014-present

Manufacturer's photo

Manufacturer’s photo

I had argued the EOS M might as well be dead back in 2013, I spent ages looking for other cameras, I compared dynamic range, I struggled with all manner of conflicting interests.

Eventually I gave up and decided to give the EOS M a try. Magic Lantern was part of that, but it turns out it doesn’t work out as well as I’d hoped. The camera itself, however, is far better than critics had suggested. Did Canon hobble it to protect its other cameras? You bet, and Canon appears to be losing ground in Asian markets to competitors with better ILC offerings. One report claims Sony sold more units in S. Korea than Canon in the last quarter, as one example.

The camera focuses okay with my 10-22mm and pretty fast with the 22mm STM. Focus is slower and more light sensitive than phase detection systems, but that’s a tradeoff some may be willing to take for the smaller size.

My real gripe is that the camera seems to have an artificial speed limit. When timelapsing, my old Rebel from 2007 can shoot separately triggered JPGs at about two per second without missing a frame. When bracketing, I could reliably do a three exposure frame every two seconds. The EOS M, despite being substantially newer, can’t keep up. Whether I’m shooting bracketed JPGs or single RAW files, the camera can’t keep up with the old Rebel. I now have to shoot with a three second delay between frames.

I don’t know what camera I might jump to next, but this camera feels like an interim step for me, an incremental improvement in some respects over my old camera, and I still hope for more. I went here because it saved me from buying an expensive super-wide angle lens for a different camera system, but I’m guessing I’ll have to make that move eventually.

For now, however, I’m enjoying the little thing:

Sandee at Ceàgo Vinegarden

Home sweet home, Tonopah


Three men fishing in fine shoes and sport coats

Spirit cake

Columbus at Broadway

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