The cameras I’ve enjoyed

Olympus OM10

Years in use: 1992-1996

This camera belonged to a family member and was given to my mother on his death. She used it quite a bit for a time, but while in high school I started to take possession of it. I enrolled in photo classes at the local college to get access to their darkroom. I bought hundreds of rolls of cheap ASA 125 black and white film from Freestyle and pushed it to 1000 and beyond. I estimated I’d exposed over 4,000 frames during my senior year.

I continued shooting during my first year of college, but other interests consumed me. The camera hadn’t been used for years when I later passed it on to my sister.

All together, I had the OM10 with 50mm F1.8 and a 75-150mm zoom, as well as an off-brand autowinder grip and 35mm-ish lens.

I’ve scanned only a small portion of the film I’d shot, but one of my favorites is on Flickr:

Monadnock Sunrise

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