The cameras I’ve enjoyed

GoPro HD Hero 2

Years in use: 2011-present

Manufacturer's photo

Manufacturer’s photo

I don’t do any of the extreme activities featured in the GoPro product videos, but I knew I wanted one. The durability and built-in intervalometer seemed ideal. I mounted it on the window of my cross-country Amtrak train, I hung it from a kite. The intervalometer makes it tempting to turn it on and curate the results later, as I did for a trip down the Merced River in Yosemite. I’ve also tried using it as a regular camera with a shutter button.

That facts, however, are that timelapse using a GoPro are often unsatisfying, and nobody is seriously using this as a “regular camera with a shutter button.”

Sandee: "it's winter!" Mike: "whatever."

Mission Thrift

11:23:09 AM

Sutro Baths


Point Reyes Lighthouse


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