The cameras I’ve enjoyed

Panasonic DMC-LX3

Years in use: 2009-2014

Photo © DPReview, see their full review

Photo © DPReview, see their full review

This is a very nearly the perfect camera. It has a fast 24mm equivalent lens, a large sensor for its size (though smaller still than the micro 4/3 sensor), a good menu system, and compact form factor. The camera replaced my Rebel as my default camera for quite a while. The camera travels very well, and it’s the only (non-phone) camera I took with me on a few trips.

For a while, it was the camera I’d recommend to anybody who asked, especially those who complained of complexity. I looked back on my photos with the camera recently and found a lot to be pleased with.

Why is it only “nearly perfect?” The camera has no mechanism for remote shutter release, not even IR, and definitely not USB-tethered shooting. I assembled a small Arduino-controlled servo to press the shutter button my remote control, but the arrangement is inelegant and larger than the Rebel (which natively accepts remote control input). Finally, though noise and low-light performance are good compared to compacts, it pales compared to any camera with a larger sensor.

The family line continued up to the LX7, which Panasonic recently pulled from the market. I was very close to buying that model a few times. I believe the only thing that stopped me was the lack of remote control.


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