The cameras I’ve enjoyed

Olympus Stylus 1030 SW

Years in use: 2009-present

Manufacturer's press release photo

Manufacturer’s press release photo

Another camera I ostensibly bought for Sandee, and again purchased at the some time I bought a camera for myself. Sandee appreciated the gesture, but rarely used the camera. The release of the iPhone 3GS, with its significantly better camera, thoroughly displaced this one.

On the other hand, the camera did find use at a Banditos Misteriosos water gun battle, on kayaking trips, including a week on the St. Croix along the border with Canada, and I’m planning to take it to Hawaii this summer. Keep your fingers crossed that the seals are still supple and waterproof for me?

Justin explains the problem with the kayak

Kayak re-crop


Will runs the falls


sunny morning

Will and the large river fauna

head shot

All my Flickr photos with this camera.