The cameras I’ve enjoyed

Canon EOS Rebel XTi

Years in use: 2007-2014

I didn’t want this camera. What I wanted was a super wide angle lens, and I was frustrated that the only way I could get it was on an SLR. I was especially frustrated with the mirror, and the retrofocus designs necessary because of it. The current crop of compact system cameras is what I would have really wanted, but this was years before that market shift.

I’d encountered some wide angle photos on Flickr, perhaps this was one, and realized I’d need a new lens to achieve that look. I looked seriously at the Olympus lineup before I picked the Canon EF-S 10-22mm. The camera itself was almost an afterthought.

As it turned out, I grew to appreciate a lot more than the wide lens. The camera’s quick focus, short shutter delay, and fast sequential shooting capabilities drove me even further down the shoot first, curate later path. And after years with cameras that couldn’t manage better than ASA400, the Rebel’s ASA1600 capability opened up new worlds.

This is also the camera I had when I started playing with timelapse and HDR.

Brother and Sister Gothic


contrasty Newton

you have issues


winging out of SLC

Zach Houston's Poem Store

scrollwork and sunset


Kevin Driscoll and crowd bang it, bump it to Soulja Boy

Corey in the skeevy hotel

Corey on Coney




Justin and Joe

Sandee in 1950s Kitchen

Sandee Swings

Jessamyn and Sandee

Monterey Bay Jellyfish

Santa Cruz Boardwalk Sea Swings

San Francisco Golden Gate

Sutro Tower


Pitcher Mountain Fire Tower


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