The cameras I’ve enjoyed

Big Huge Labs reminded me that my Flickr birthday is in just a few days. My first photo upload was on May 12, 2004. Flickr itself turned 10 in February, but it was the Big Huge Labs stat and the photo walks today that really got me thinking about how long it’s been.

For whatever reason, that has me thinking about the cameras I’ve used over those years. Ten years is long enough that I had to go looking to remember some, and long enough that I found some I’d forgotten. I’ve been going through the photos, and I believe there’s a sample from almost every camera I’ve ever had, including some film cameras. The two exceptions I can think of are a Kodak Disc camera I had as a child, and a 1970s era, 110-format Kodak camera I’d taken on a trip to NYC when I was 19.

Here, then, are almost all the cameras I’ve ever owned…