Making Sense Of AT&T’s Shared Data Plans

Kevin’s coverage at GigaOM helped, but what I really needed was a chart that compared the different options. I couldn’t find one, so I made my own:

2 iPhones 3 iPhones 4 iPhones
Shared data, unlimited minutes
1GB $130 $175 $220
4GB $150 $190 $230
6GB $160 $195 $230
10GB $180 $210 $240
15GB $220 $250 $280
20GB $260 $290 $320
Individual data, 700 shared minutes 
300MB 109.99 139.98 169.97
3GB 129.99 169.98 209.97
5GB 169.99 229.98 289.97
Individual data, unlimited minutes 
300MB 159.99 189.98 219.97
3GB 179.99 219.98 259.97
5GB 219.99 279.98 339.97

This chart compares the cost of two to four iPhones (or any smartphone, of course) on AT&T across their new shared data plan (with unlimited minutes and text messaging), their 700 shared minute and unlimited calling family plans (with no bundled messaging). It seems AT&T didn’t want customers directly comparing the product lines, so none of the individual data tiers align with the shared data tiers. Family plans are definitely less expensive when pricing for two handsets, but the savings with three or more handsets is less clear.

Source info comes from AT&T’s published data and voice plans. You can check my math in my spreadsheet, if you wish.