Pick Your Phone Like You Pick Your Partner

If there’s anything to gender stereotypes, women like iPhones in the same way they like a man who brings home flowers and puts his nail clippings in the trash without being asked. It’s these small touches that, when combined with other necessary attributes, make them feel confident in the future of the relationship.

Men like Android phones like the tarted up dame they met in the bar last night. The makeup didn’t look good by morning, and she’s a little self-centered, but at least he knows there’s another one out there if this one doesn’t work out.

Or remove gender from it and simply pick your phone like a relationship: Do you prefer no strings attached or a someone who takes the time to remember how you like your coffee?

Photo: USA Today’s coverage of the iPhone 4S launch. Aside: this follows a recent tussle that had Joshua Topolsky accusing John Gruber and MG Siegler of instigating class warfare.