Lustworthy: Honda Silver Wing and Reflex

Honda's Fancy New Scooter.Sure, Italian scooters look great, but where do you get them serviced? Motostrada in Maryland has a great selection of new and vintage European scooters, but that’s the nearest dealership and service center. It’s a great shop, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not really a solution for people in northern New Hampshire.

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So if I don’t trust Biff at the local cycle shop to work on an European import scooter, what would I trust Biff to work on? I found my answer when I recently saw a Honda [url=]Silver Wing[/url]. It’s bigger than the Italian bikes, but the style has been updated to match some of the racier Italian models. With its 582cc, two cylinder engine, it should easily move me the 20 miles between home and work and even handle the highway. It’s sister bike, the [url=]Reflex[/url], looks much the same but sports a more scooter-like 250cc engine.

Most importantly, I think I’d still look like a geek on either one.

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  1. I am going to purchase the SilverWing. My local Honda dealer has a full service shop right next door.

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