Where Are San Francisco’s Love Padlocks?

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I discovered it in the Flickr Blog and followed it up with considerable Googling, but I can’t find any love padlocks in SF, much less a popular location for them. The Wikipedia article lists two dozen notable locations in Europe and Asia, but not one in the Americas.

I searched Flickr’s San Francisco map and found two almost promising photos: an unrelated collection in the mission that was removed by municipal workers in 2005, and this one in my backyard that I plan to confirm shortly.

But, considering the colorful cities in Wikipedia’s list, is no one else surprised that SF isn’t among them?

One thought on “Where Are San Francisco’s Love Padlocks?

  1. Lovelocks are making their way to San Francisco. You can find them at Zion Canyon Village right at the entrance to Zion National Park. You can find them in St. George, Utah right on Main Street. It is the hottest new “thing to do”. Check out http://www.lovelocksonline.com for the whole story.

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